LEET Token

The $LEET token is the fulcrum of the LeetSwap ecosystem and is designed to become the backbone of the DEX liquidity layer.

There was no presale and no airdrop for the LEET token. If you see such things advertised, they are scams.


The total supply of the $LEET token is 1,337,000

AllocationPercentage of SupplyVesting schedule

Future Ecosystem Rewards & Liquidity Incentives


Temporarily locked

Protocol-owned Liquidity



Marketing, R&D, Expenses


2 years linear vesting



6 months cliff + 2 years linear vesting

LEET on multiple chains

In the future, there might be a way to bridge value across our supported chain ecosystems. In the short-to-mid term, though, bridging the $LEET token across chains will not be possible.

There is a huge benefit in keeping things separate: our token gets the network effect benefits from the LeetSwap brand as it grows, but people are not forced to be tied in at least some way to other chain ecosystems that they might not necessarily use or appreciate.

For example, maybe you like Canto, but you don't want to be involved with Polygon zkEVM, or vice versa. Thus, right now, the Leet ecosystem works on its own on every single chain, but every instance of it benefits from the exposure we gain from going multichain.

The most important aspects and metrics to grow are user base and brand awareness. After those reach a certain threshold it doesn't really matter too much in which Leet product you're invested, because we will succeed as a whole.

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